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In addition to creating facilities that offer treatments to the less privileged free of charge, continuous treatments require the establishment of dispensaries. The Trust's main pharmaceutical dispensary operates out of The Moin Akhtar Memorial Hospital. Moving forward, the Trust aims to set up dispensaries in rural areas for people who cannot afford to travel to hospitals located in far-off cities.

The purpose of such dispensaries is to provide ongoing medical relief to existing patients and those with ongoing illnesses.

The set up cost of a single dispensary is approximately £5,000, including a one year running cost. It covers basic healthcare for the workers along with their wages, rent of the building and medicine for the entire year. However, no gift is too smal or insignificant. 


Health dispensaries assist with the Hospital’s outpatient facility. The Trust aims to set up other dispensaries in rural areas for those who cannot afford to travel to hospitals located in far-off cities.

Organiser Details

Name: Deen Trust International

Charity Registered No : 1190475

Contact person : Mohammed Ali

Email : Send Email

Contact No : 0115 860 2047

Description : Deen Trust International, an established UK-based charity.
UK Charity Reg No: 1190475.

Deen Trust was founded with the vision of assisting people in third world countries with basic needs that are the rights of every human being. In 2004, when Mohammad Ali Din visited Pakistan to get treatment for his ailing father, he saw the dilapidated conditions of hospitals, lack of proper treatment procedures in hospitals and the expensive medications that made it difficult for him to get his father’s treatment done adequately.

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