Distributing Quran in Somaliland

Distributing Quran in Somaliland

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Quran Study Group is pleased to be able to offer anyone the opportunity to join in its endeavour to distribute 1,000 copies of the QURAN in Somaliland, with a focus on poor villages and Madrasahs. We have already distributed 200 copies.

It saddens us to learn that some Madrasahs are having to ‘borrow’ copies of the Quran for their students from other Madrasahs. As restrictions are being eased, now is the time to distribute the Qurans when the Madrasahs are reopening.

We are raising only £2,000 to distribute 1,000 copies of the Quran this year.

For any enquiries, please email quranstudygroup2020@gmail.com

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  • Anonymous 1 day ago £4.73

    May Allah accept your efforts and reward everyone abundantly. Let the noor of the Glorious Quran enlightened and reach the hearts and minds of those who are seeking the truth Ameen.
  • Mhaque 1 day ago £9.66
  • Anonymous 1 day ago £10.00
  • Anonymous 1 day ago £50.00

    May Allah Swt make it easy for them .. Ameen
  • Anonymous 2 days ago £5.00
  • Anonymous 2 days ago £10.00
  • Bhaijaanz Restaurant 2 days ago £10.00

Organiser Details

Name: Quran Study Group

Contact person : Hafiz Abdullah Muhammad

Email : Send Email

Description : The Quran Study Group promotes the independent study of the Quran for all, regardless of background. To this end, it supports other initiatives around the globe to facilitate access to the Quran for the masses.

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