First purpose built masjid in St Helens

First purpose built masjid in St Helens

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Assalam o alaikum wrwb. We are actively raising funds to convert our masjid to a purpose built place where we can accommodate the ever increasing need for worshipers, madrassah, community activities and interfaith events. We need you to generously contribute to this noble cause.

Our masjid started with only a few worshipers but Alhamdoolillah it has become one of the busiest masjid in the area. Our madrassah has become very busy and we have many children enrolled in the madrassah. The children come from far and near to learn about their religion. We are very active as a closely knitted community and we are an important part of the wider community in St Helens. We are very active in our interfaith activities. The demand on the prayer area and madrassah are increasing steeply and to meet the needs, we need to build a masjid that is future proof for our next generations. Therefore, we request you to contribute all you can and Allah swt will in Sha Allah bless you with a house in Jannah for each and every penny that you spend. We will appreciate all regular and one off donations.

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    Inshaallah Allah gives us more and help us in anything we wish.
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    May Allah give us success with our masjid
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    May Allah give us success in building the house of Allah
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    May Allah give us success with our masjid. Ameen
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    May Allah SWT make things easy

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Name: Iman Trust

Charity Registered No : 1108716

Contact person : Dr Usama Munir

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Contact No : 07795112026

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