Fees & FAQ - Fundraising

How much is the commission?

We have 0% Commission policy on all fundraising donation. We do NOT charge anything from your donation, it is 100% yours.

How do we get money?

Instantly and directly to you.

Yes, we integrate your card payment gateway, PayPal or Stripe, so money will come instantly and directly to you. 
Note - PayPal has higher card fee for non-charity account as compare to Stripe. So if you are not a registered charity we recommend using stripe.


Most fundraising platform charges Commission Fee on every donation made, either to charity or donor. Commission fees varies between platforms, on average its 5% of the donation amount. Some charges less some more.

Where as Digital Ummah have 0% Commission policy and do NOT charge a single penny as commission from charity or donor from there donation.

Amount e.g. Most Platform* Digital Ummah
£100 £5* £0
£1000 £50* £0
£10,000 £500* £0

*Above example is based on an average of 5% commission fee charged by most platform.

Any set-up fees?

No, Its FREE setup for limited time.

As mention above, we integrate your card payment gateway so money comes directly to you. To integrate your payment gateway, either PayPal or Stripe, there is one-time setup fee, currently free for limited time.

To integrate Bank Merchants account varies from bank to bank, as all bank system is a bit different, please get in touch for more info.

How do you make money?

While donating to your campaign, donor can choose, its optional and clearly labled, to donate towards the platform. If they do, money comes to your account and you need to pay that amount to us, once a month.

Any other fee?

No, there is no other fees, its FREE for limited time.

As you can appreciate the system requires constant maintenance and updates for smooth running for you and your donor. Not only that, we also have to pay for hosting, developing new features and support. So, we will be introducing minimum monthly fee in future. But there is NO Commission fee on donation, see "Comparison" above.

But, we will inform you about it in advance, and for whatever reasons, you decide not to continue we can close your account and you will NOT be charge cancellation or any other fee.

What about gift aid?

Gift Aid can only be claimed if you are UK registered charity. If you want, we can process gift aid on your behalf, for that there is an admin fee of 5% from the gift aid amount, not from your donation. So, if someone donated £10 + Gift Aid 25%. You get full £10 + 20% (our admin fee is 5% from gift aid). This is an optional service.

Great! How do i start?

Simply register here and one of out team will get in touch as soon as possible.