Fees & FAQ - Ticket

How much is the commission?

We have 0% Commission policy on all ticket booking. We do NOT charge anything from your ticket amount, it is 100% yours.


How do we get money?

Money first goes to card processing company, then to Digital Ummah UK account. We then transfer the ticket funds to your account.

We use Stripe - payment gateway, for card processing, you can check their fee here: https://stripe.com/gb/pricing

When do we get money? In most cases after the event has ended. But we can arrange according to event requirments.


Any set-up fees?

No, Its FREE setup. Simply contact us after you have uploaded your event.


How do you make money?

While booking your ticket, users can choose, its optional and clearly labled, to donate towards the platform.


Any other fee?

No, there is no other fees, its FREE.

As you can appriciate the system requires constant maintenance and updates for smooth running for you and your ticket buyer. Not only that, we also have to pay for hosting, developing new features and admin support. 

If you want you can contribute something towards the platfom. Its NOT a must, we can still do your ticket set-up FREE.


Great! How do i start?

Simply contact us and one of out team will get in touch as soon as possible.