Ticket Setup & FAQs

Does your event requires ticket booking?
We can setup ticket booking/registration for you. Please get in touch or Whats App message on 07913707195 

Is there any charge?
NO, there is no Platform charge. 0% Platform fee. However, there is card processing fee paid directly to the card company.

Do I have to pay card processing fee?
Someone has to! Either you pay or you can pass it on to your customers. So your customers will pay, you decide.

Which card payment company you use?
We use Stripe - payment gateway, for card processing, their fee is:
UK and European Card fee: 1.4% + 20p per transaction.
Non European Card fee: 2.9% + 20p per transaction.
For more visit Stripe website: https://stripe.com/gb/pricing

How do we receive the funds and when?
Money first goes to card processing company, then to Digital Ummah UK account. We then transfer the funds to your account, minus fees - if any! In most cases after the campaign/event has ended. But we can arrange according to campaign/event requirments.