Revert & Returners

About Revert & Returners

Created to help all Muslim sisters on their journey to Allah. A sisters platform, R&R provides courses, social networking, selling platform and more.
R&R Quran courses taught by Qualified & Dedicated Teachers from Mecca, Madhina &/or Riyadh, delivering native-like courses by professionals in their field. Brothers have for many years, been able to travel to Saudi and access excellent teachers, the idea was to give sisters the opportunity to study under excellent teachers that they may otherwise never have access to.

We also provide Recitation Partners to help improve Quran recitation & Buddying programme for Sisters just starting out as a new muslimah/new journey in Islam.

We hold Aqeeda & Tafsir classes evert Saturday and much much more.

We help new Muslimahs and we help Muslimahs who want to find their way back to Allah.. we are a single Sisterhood & we're all on the same journey...

Join us. Support us. Share the baraka.

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