Am I a Muslim? Part 3

Am I a Muslim? Part 3

Alhamdulillah I became a Muslim in Morocco with a very little knowledge about Islam.

When I returned home in Germany I faced a lot of problems.

I lived in an area which is famous for their wine and festivals.

One of the most difficult parts to be a new Muslim for me was to stop drinking any alcohol. In Germany alcohol is part of culture and a way to socialize with others. I loved to be around people but if you don't drink you are not fitting in the society.

To be honest at that time I felt lost. I didn't know where to start or where to go. I was alone. No Muslim friends or family members. It was huge struggle not to fall back into old patterns.

Sometimes my friends just called me on my phone to come to their parties. I haven't told many people that I already reverted to Islam. After a half year I told my mom. There was no reaction only a cold answer "Ok". That time I didn't wear a headscarf so my family thought it's just a "phase".

I began my study at University and at the same time I started studying Islam privately. I read and read and read...

One day I joined a course at University called "Islam and Philosophy". I recognized two active ladies with headscarves in the full auditorium. 

I was amazed about their knowledge which they showed during our lessons but I was too shy to speak to them. 

After the second lesson I managed to approach them and finally after nearly a year I found my Ummah and my family. Alhamdulillah.


Here my special thanks to these two lovely sisters who helped me so much not to be a sheep anymore...

Do you have a special person who guided you or showed you the right way? Tell them your special "thanks" here and tell us how they helped you.

To be continued… :-) Read previous Parts if you missed.

Lara Jennings is a German reverted to Islam in 2010. Lara is an Entrepreneur currently living in the UK. She is working on developing MyMoon, a global, multilingual e-learning platform for Arabic and Quran. For more info visit MyMoon website.

If you are or know of any Community s/hero, Entrepreneur, Creative Business then please do get in touch.

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