Meet Zahra, a 14-year-old entrepreneur

Meet Zahra, a 14-year-old entrepreneur

Hi, my name is Zahra, and I am a 14-year-old entrepreneur. I have a small business called custom_creations_by_zahra on Instagram which I created during lockdown with the help of my mum. I created this business because I had a keen interest in arts and crafts (and I wanted to focus on the business side of things rather than being addicted to tiktok.) This year for my birthday rather than receiving gadgets and clothes I chose to receive all the products such as machine’s and all the relevant equipment to open up a business. I was inspired by my family as we have multiple family buisnesses. My mum wanted me to gain knowledge on how to run a business and to learn the value of money from a young age, my mum also wanted me to know how to interact with people as this will help me gain confidence as I am a little shy sometimes when I talk to people. 

My uncle created the logo for me and I created my own packaging for the products and the business cards which I was very pleased with.

Managing a business from a young age will help me in the future and will help me to gain a more in-depth knowledge on how to run a successful business. It’s been 3 months since I’ve opened up my business and I’m proud to say that this was one of the most incredible decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve learnt so much in these 3 months and i am continuing to learn more! Thank you for reading my story i hope you have enjoyed it please show some love and support by following my page on Instagram @custom_creations_by_zahra.

Instagram @custom_creations_by_zahra

Thank you :-)

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