ZAC Social Enterprise (UK) Ltd t/a ZACse (UK) Aloe Vera & Healthcare Co.

ZAC Social Enterprise (UK) Ltd t/a ZACse (UK) Aloe Vera & Healthcare Co.

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ZAC Social Enterprise (UK) Ltd t/a ZACse (UK) Aloe Vera & Healthcare Co.

: ZAC Social Enterprise (UK) Ltd, Reg. Off: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England - N1 7GU (United Kingdom)


About the Global Brand - 'Forever, The Aloe Vera Company' (for 40+ years)
Forever Living Products (UK) Ltd is a subsidiary company of 'Aloe of America LLC', a vertically-integrated company (from their owned aloe vera plantation - on over 7,500 acres in the Republic of Dominica and Rio Grande Valley in Texas - to research to manufacturing to quality control to warehousing to shipping & delivery to customers via its direct-sellers/independent marketers or distributors, also known as 'FBOs') and a network or team marketing company, with the highest-quality Aloe Vera (100% pure, stabilised, and aseptically processed & packaged without preservatives and certified by the IASC - Intl. Aloe Science Council, New York, USA) and beehive-based 130+ products, and known for its multi-billion dollar turnover group of companies operating in 160+ countries since 1978 with the global brand name - 'Forever, The Aloe Vera Company', HO: Scottsdale, Phoenix, Arizona, USA).

Forever grows and uses 'Aloe Vera Barbadensis-Miller' only (1 of 6 out of 400+ species of aloe plants worldwide), the most potent and beneficial Aloe species for human & animal consumption and topical applications. It has been described as "Nature's Wonder Plant, given as a gift to humanity..." (with its 76 nutrients incl. all vitamins except D, 20 of the 22 amino-acids, the building-blocks of living cells, 8 of 9 essential amino-acids for humans, other enzymes and minerals such as selenium, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, managanese, antioxidents, and antibacterial properties, and further research on aloe plants are ongoing for cancer and antiviral treatment for HIV), according to the report - 'Twenty Years Research on Aloe Vera' - published by the award-winning (awarded by the IASC) researchers at the University of Istanbul: 2015).

About ZACse (UK) Aloe Vera & Healthcare Co.
ZACse (UK) Aloe Vera & Healthcare Co. is one of the trading divisions of ZAC Social Enterprise (UK) Ltd, which was incorporated and started trading on 6 March 2019, as a registered company in Eng. & Wales, Co. No. 11865324, registered office: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU.

ZACse (UK) Aloe Vera & Healthcare Co. is registered as a VAR/Independent Distributor/Forever Business Owner' ('FBO' ID: 440805007738) since 6 March 2019 @Forever Living Products (UK) Ltd (a member of the DSA: Direct Selling Association (UK) - Regulator); HO: Longbridge Manor, Warwick CV34 6RB, England -UK Tel: 44-01926-626600.

You can visit our Forever-driven FBO-website (click on above button) & enter our Global e-Shop (select your country and buy directly in your local currency; and the products will be delivered from your country's local Forever's product centres within 3-5 working days). Preferential (or repeat customers ) are eligible for perpetual-discount on all the products with free-shipping on the first order (contact us for terms & conditions). Forever also has a refund policy of 60-days money-back-guarantee via its registered FBOs and we are compliant with their compliance policy.

Our SE Company also has a unique 'Referral Fee Policy Scheme' for introduction of retail customers to us by Individuals, B2B and Charities, wherever Forever has regional head offices (incl. Pakistan from the UAE) on each purchase and the fee is payable indefinitely under a contractual referral agreement. 

ZACse (UK) Aloe Vera & Healthcare Co. is trading from Ilkley LS29 8LG, West Yorkshire UK. We are, also, engaged in business development under Forever's 'business & financial models' of network/team marketing', with collaborative partnership with FLP (UK) Ltd (providing legal & business advisory, shipping, training, IT & content marketing, and free consultation on all our Forever products supported by our experts on diet, nutrition, alternative medicine - homeopathy, osteopathy, and sports injuries specialist - in our UK FBOs Diamond-Network, FLP (UK) Ltd, and Aloe of America LLC. Forever Living Products Intl. has a 5-star rating on

Development of Network or Team Marketing and Referral/Intermediary Domestic and Export Market in Pakistan 
We, also, have a vision and goal to develop our 'downline network & retail marketing' business in Pakistan - Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Peshawar (as the 'lead-project manager/FBO'), with a view to Forever Intl. investing and establishing their HO and Product Centres in Pakistan.

This objective is to raise not only awareness for a healthy-lifestyle, but also create a network of SMEs entrepreneurship and promote 'upward social mobility' for the less-affluent citizens by means of 'creation of new wealth and prosperity through redistribution of economic wealth' from the 'affluent citizens', whereby both parties mutually benefit from Forever, the Aloe Vera Company's highest-quality products.

Moreover, we provide business support for 'digital export opportunities from Pakistan' in 160+countries wherever Forever has a HO and/or product centres (incl. direct shipping to your retail customers - in Pakistan, UAE, and some other locations in the MENA - from Forever's UAE HO & Product Centre in Dubai, UAE).

For one-off retail and preferential (i.e. repeat) customers in Pakistan only, deliveries for personal consumption or usage only can be made by DHL or Fedex or UPS from Forever's product centre in Dubai (and may cost extra for shipping charges, if it is arranged by us, and may incur import duty in Pakistan).

Official Forever (UK) Business Presentations (incl. our Free Consulation & 121 BP on Zoom)
Contact Qaiser Zaman for free consultation on all Forever's products and nutrition & dietary advice by qualified advisers (by appointment only); or book to attend a weekly Forever UK's BP - Business Presentation Webinars of 1-hr on Mon. 8:30pm (BST), free with no obligations to buy or join us; and arrange a 1-2-1 BP on Zoom with us (to learn more about the incentives and benefits of the Forever Marketing Plan - i.e. promotions, recurring monthly commissions, car benefit scheme, travel, subsistence & accommodation benefits, chairman's annual bonus, and even willable retail customers' preferential discount, FBO ID for wholesale discounts, and bonus income to your named beneficiaries under your will).

Contact Details
Google Business Profile (GBP): Linkedin Profile: Mob/WhatsApp: 44-7368-868170 Co.Email: 

Legal Notice for Recruitment of FBOs (UK and worldwide)
It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. FLP (UK) Ltd is a member of the DSA (UK).


Tariq Mahmood 6 months ago

Aloe vera is really very beneficial for health. Mr. Kaiser Zaman is very helpful for me. I salute him he offered me such a wonderful and meaningful product. Thanks Tariq

Dan M. 2 years ago

The best aloe vera products on the market. Unusually high purity and quality. And Qaiser Zaman is of high integrity.

Dr. Schroeter Imran 2 years ago

The Aloe Vera products are very good! And this is a very good supplier for that.

Saeed Rehman 2 years ago

Amazing products and service standards! The health impacts are so significant

Khalid Mughal 2 years ago

Great products and great service. Dr. K Mughal

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