Support the development of Islamic scholars and research

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Support the development of Islamic scholars and research

There was a time when our glorious generations invested time and money in seeking and promoting higher knowledge and scholarship. MIHE offers a unique opportunity to revive that tradition.

We are a unique Institute engaged in research and providing higher education in Islamic subjects for the last 20 years. Over 1,500 students have graduated from our BA, MA and PhD programmes to date. Our graduates have progressed into a range of important areas where the application of Islamic scholarship can make an impact including pastoral care and counselling, running effective Islamic centres and mosques, Islamic economics and finance, education, relief and poverty  alleviation programmes.

To help us continue this noble work and to enable us to progress, we are appealing to you to make generous donations for:

1. Hardship funds

Many of our students need urgent financial support. Your donations will help many students to complete their degree programmes and progress to playing constructive roles in our community.

2. New library and online resources

Donate to help us build our teaching and learning resources so that students can have access to a wide range of scholarly works and cutting edge research to support their studies. 

3. Upgrading learning facilities

To ensure students have access to quality teaching and learning facilities, your donations will help us to upgrade and extend our current facilities, classroom, IT, furnishig and accommodation,  to meet our growing needs.

We urgently need to raise £100,000 in the short term to help us sustain and grow higher Islamic learning. A donation of Just £100 from 1000 special people would help us to meet our target. 

 A much neglected but immensely rewarding Sadaqah. 

See our website for details of our academic programmes.
You may consider just £10 per month for a year and become an ongoing supporter! Please contact

PLEASE STATE WHETHER YOU ARE DONATING SADAQA/LILLAH OR ZAKAT (zakat will be used to support students who are having difficulties in sustaining their studies).

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  • Anonymous 7 months ago £100.00

  • Anonymous 8 months ago £20.00

    I hope you reach the required amount we definitely need more people with a good knowledge of Islam and Arabic. I inquired a few years ago about an Online Program for Post-grads in Islamic Finance; i think this would be a very smart move (especially given the current climate). I hope you consider this in the near future so that i and others could do this whilst still working overseas. You have an excellent reputation around the Muslim world especially for finance in places like Malaysian etc. Please oh Muslims help this institute out by donating whatever you can. In the final analysis it benefits us/our communities in this world and the next!
  • Anonymous 8 months ago £20.00
  • Anonymous 9 months ago £5.00
  • Mariyam Ali 9 months ago £100.00

  • Anonymous 9 months ago £100.00

    Keep up the good work and Allah SWT will graciously bless your work
  • T H Shah 9 months ago £98.40

  • Dr Arif Almakkawi 9 months ago £100.00

    Keep the good work going. May Allah help you
  • Dr Helmy zakat 9 months ago £100.00

    May ALLAH accept
  • Anonymous 9 months ago £50.00

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