Key To Understanding The Quran

Key To Understanding The Quran

Event Details

Event Date:Saturday 02 October 2021

Venue:Online Event

Event Details

An Introduction Towards Understanding and Appreciating The Quran.

The workshop is an overview of the major key themes and objectives in the Quran

Programme details:

Session 1  Introducing the Qur’an –

  • Facts about the Qur’an
  • Why does the Qur’an stay on your shelf?
  • The virtues and rewards of studying the Qur’an
  • Some distinctive names of the Qur’an

Session 2 What makes the Qur’an a special book?

  • Unrivalled features and benefits
  • How the Qur’an provides guidance
  • How to understand the universality of the Quran

Session 3 Aims of the Qur’an and its themes

  • The Maqasid of the Quran- Maajor themes
  • Session 4 The ring structure: the logical arrangement of themes in the Surah
  • The coherency of the Quran and its distinctive linguistic features.

Session 5 The three keys to Qur’an study

  • Reading with passion and received pronunciation
  • Reflecting: Knowing, understanding and applying the Qur’an
  • Live out the Qur’an
  • Practical example workshop on tadabbur

Session 6 Share with others Qur’an Study group

  • Setting up your Qur’an study group
  • My daily reading plans
  • Conclusion

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Organise by : European Institute of Islamic Sciences

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