Duff (Open drum) Workshop Manchester

Duff (Open drum) Workshop Manchester

Event Details

Event Date:Sunday 26 June 2022

Venue:245 , Seymour Grove, Stretford, England - M16 0DS (United Kingdom)


Event Details

Learn to play the Daff/Open Drum with internationally renowned singer/songwriter Nader Khan.

Join us for a 5 hour workshop on Sunday 26th June from 11am.

This event is open to both Adults and Children (accompanied), and all competency levels. We do have a limited number of Daff's/Open Drum availible, if you have your own Daff/Open Drum or Dhol we encourage you to bring it with you.

There are also a limited number of spaces availible so please book asap. 

8 - 16 year olds £10

16+ £25

There will be regular short breaks, with refreshments and also a meet and greet with Nader Khan after the workshop.

All proceeds will go to supporting a local sports charity.


1. If you have a Daff or Drum of any description please bring it along.

2. Home-made shakers and claves. 

  • For shakers, all you need is 3 or 4 small water/juice bottles filled 1/3 or 1/2 way up with sand, or pebbles, or rice, or coffee beans.
  • For claves, 3 or 4  pairs of wooden spoons would be perfect.

These will insha'Allah help create a wider sound spectrum for the workshop!


Those of you that are driving, please be considerate to our neighbours and DO NOT PARK on neighbouring Chatham Road, there is plenty of parking on Seymour Grove, Thank you.

Lastly, Children WILL need to be accompanied, we dont have any provision for childcare or supervision. Parents are encouraged to participate in this charity event, however if that isnt possible they are welcome to sit out/observe.

We look forward to welcoming you. 

Organiser Details

Organise by : Seerat un Nabi Wlefare trust

Contact person : Majid Khan

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