Haleema Ali - Inspiring social change through art and creativity. Activist. Curator. Educator. Youth worker.

Haleema Ali - Inspiring social change through art and creativity. Activist. Curator. Educator. Youth worker.

My name is Haleema Ali, I'm a youth worker, political activist, artist and educator. I use art, exhibitions and workshops to inspire social change through creativity. I curated "A Life in Chains" a human rights exhibition to represent the oppression of mankind and "22 Seconds to Murder", an exhibition and performance event tackling knife crime. Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God), both of these projects were featured on BBC News! My current project is "Postcode Love, Not War", turning the idea of postcode wars on its head, by promoting 'postcode love'. 

I've worked in various roles, in the education, charity, arts and political sectors. Some of my roles include the following:

- Worked for an MP, running a political summer school.
- I'm a panel member of several board groups, including being the Vice-Chair of Bedfordshire Police Scrutiny Panel, ensuring stop and searches are conducted in a fair and effective manner. 
- Taught science and maths to students who were expelled from mainstream school. Many came from broken families, had mental health issues, SEN needs and behaviour problems. 
- Lead mentoring programmes for the Prince's Trust, helping provide relatable role models to young people from disadvantaged communities 
- Coordinated a youth leadership programme. 
- I'm an artist, writer and performer. I curate and create art as a form of activism. 

I'm the founder of Co-Muslim Space. I wanted to create a platform where the Muslim community could collaborate by sharing practical tips and advice in different aspects of our lives, i.e. sports, art, well-being, sustainability etc. I'm a firm believer in sharing Islam through our actions and fostering good relationships with non-Muslims. I want the platform to be a place of learning for people of all faiths and none.

I'm a public speaker and I regularly appear on radio and speak at events, on topics varying from mentoring, knife crime, women's rights in Islam, issues young people face and climate justice. As a female, South Asian, hijab-wearing British Muslim, I understand the challenges faced by the underrepresented communities. Moreover, as someone who started a chemistry degree but was unable to complete it, I am passionate about showing young people there are multiple routes to success. I hope to inspire the next generation of leaders, InshaAllah.

You can contact Haleema on Insta @contacthaleema

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