Am I a new Muslim? Part 1

Am I a new Muslim? Part 1

Assalamu Alaikum, My name is Lara. 

There is a real person behind this cute avatar. Lara is a Russian name and a short form of Larissa. I am a German and I am living for the last 2 years in the UK.

10 years a go I took my shahadah and became a Muslim.  Am I still considered as a new Muslim? :)

Since many people asked me about my journey to Islam I try to tell here a short version of my "story".

I grew up in a very open-minded household. Nobody cares much and I could do what I wanted. So I tried very early a lot in my young life.

Life got quick very repetitive.

I asked myself after a while: Should I go out to another party...AGAIN...I knew what going to happen anyway.

Am I still going to every party even when I am 40 years?

I decided to study Philosophy at University as I thought it would help me to understand the world better. 

As a very convinced Atheist at that time I never considered any Religions or beliefs.

To be continued... :-)

Lara Jennings is a German reverted to Islam in 2010. Lara is an Entrepreneur currently living in the UK. She is working on developing MyMoon, a global, multilingual e-learning platform for Arabic and Quran. For more info visit MyMoon website.


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