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Assalamualaykum (Peace be upon you ),

I have decided to raise funds for the needy people of Yemen by carrying out a skydive on behalf of a charity called ANO (1155123) . The people of Yemen are in the worst position any human being could ever be in, every one of us is in some way responsible for helping those less fortunate than us no matter what race religion and gender they may be. I know i cant change the situation of the people of Yemen but i believe no matter how big or small the deed is we will be rewarded by Allah (God) accordingly.

I did a Skydive for Syria in 2014 and with your help, we raised over 13K Alhamdulillah (All praises and thanks are for Allah [GOD]) and we used the money on food and medical supplies. The money we raise for Yemen will be used to buy nutrional products as well us life saving medical products for children and those in desperate need..

Please support me in raising funds for the needy people of Yemen, all monies will be donated to a charity called ANO (1155123) the charity opeartes a 100% donation policy what this means is that all the funds raised will be spent precisely on the chosen project and not a penny will go towards admin fees. After the project has been implemented the proof of media will be on the ANO Facebook page  ( for all donors to see how the money was spent. 


Location: Sibson Airfield Peterborough PE86NE

Date: 04/10/2020

Time: 12:30pm

If you wish to do a skydive to raise funds for Yemen Please get in touch with me an i will advise you how to register.


Please contact ANO on 03001240260 A trustee for the charity will collect cash donations and also provide a receipt, unfortunately we currently dont have an office.


Please contact ANO on 03001240260 to arrange a collection


Lloyds Bank


Sort: 30-97-77

Acc no: 23022660

Thank you all in advance for your support and kind donations

Umar Iqbal - Volunteer

M: 07403156667



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  • Anonymous 10 days ago £10.00

    Allah swt reward you and your lovely family abundantly my dear brother x
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    cash donations
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  • Salma 3 months ago £20.00

  • Jabeen 3 months ago £20.00

    A great cause, enjoy your jump!!
  • Anonymous 3 months ago £10.00

    Keep up the good work and may you be rewarded. Ameen
  • Anonymous 3 months ago £100.00


Organiser Details

Name: ANO

Charity Registered No : 1155123

Contact person : Raheem Mahomed

Email : Send Email

Contact No : 03001240260

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