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The Convert Muslim Foundation is led by converts to Islam all of who have extensive experience of supporting people interested in Islam and those embracing the faith. This know-how has developed over the past 30 years of recognised and specialised service provision and collective personal experience. Mindful of this we recognise the enormity of this task and, considering the growth of the convert community in the UK over the past three decades, it is one we know cannot be done singlehandedly. It is said ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ and there can be no doubt that taking this leap of faith requires the help and support of a great many people to ensure the success of this journey. Our hope is that this new venture will enjoy the support of the entire Convert community, as well as the Muslim community at large. Together, and through mutual consultation and conversations around its future endeavors, it is hoped that everyone will enjoy a sense of ownership of the enterprise and see its success for their own future benefit and that of their children.

What we do and our projects:

1) Convert Care and Advocacy Essentials to Life

2) Education & Training Learning for Life

3) Health & Wellbeing Living better lives

4) Leadership & Capacity Building Leading for living

5) Media and Marketing Informed living

6) Networking and Collaboration Connecting lives

7) Research and Publishing Journeying in Life

8) Resettlement and Rehabilitation 24 to Life

9) Zakat & Sadaqa Fund Supporting spiritual living

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Name: Convert Muslim Foundation

Charity Registered No : 1187573

Contact person : Batool Al-Toma

Email : Send Email

Contact No : 07401378632

Description : Convert Muslim Foundation has been set up specifically with you in mind. We offer a fresh and innovative approach to caring for converts to Islam, offering a range of support, advice and services. We aim to represent you and your interests and to ensure that everyone embracing Islam can feel comfortable as a Muslim in Britain. Together we can effect positive change in our society.

Charity Reg in UK No: 1187573.

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