Build your own version of success with Asma Iqbal.

Build your own version of success with Asma Iqbal.

My Success Story aim is to give young people personal development tools to identify and then manage their own success. We would like to empower people to reach their fullest potential by applying positive psychology through online courses.

We are an organisation that empowers individuals with strategies for self-development. We facilitate coaching through powerful conversations and collaborate with individuals creating strategies to produce their own success and lasting change.

Asma Iqbal is the founder of My Success Story. Previously Asma was a scout leader, teaching assistant and community worker. Her strength and passions lie in helping young people fulfil their potential. 

Asma has mentored and held workshops for the last 12 years. As an executive consultant of the Notts Scouts Association and ANN Network, Asma had a key role in management decisions, empowerment courses, and re-branding. She has also engaged with numerous youth services, schools, community groups and professionals.   

Asma coaches' professionals, businesses and groups to identify opportunities to progress in their organisations. This is done through interactive group workshop delivery, as well as focused individual support and is evident through the numerous success stories.  

My Success Story are happy to work with businesses and charities who have strong values in empowering communities to achieve lasting change. You can access a short online course called 5 Steps to Build Your Confidence and Raise Aspirations. This course is aimed at 11-18-year old's and can be purchased through our website.

My Success Story is an inspirational coaching company aimed at young people. Our mission is to provide affordable and accessible coaching, giving individuals tools to build their OWN version of success.

For more info on My Success Story visit there Website or check there YouTube. Or you can contact Asma Iqbal by email or on 07957 211 553.

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