The world’s First Muslim Ballet School in London - Grace & Poise Academy

The world’s First Muslim Ballet School in London - Grace & Poise Academy

Grace & Poise Academy is the world’s First Muslim Ballet School established in London, 2019. With over 10 years of experience working in the Muslim community in various capacities Sajedah Shubib teamed up with Maisie Byers, a graduate from the Royal Academy of Dance with a Degree in Ballet Education to establish Grace & Poise Academy. The Academy is founded upon a passion for child development and making a positive impact in the Muslim community. 

Until now Ballet has been inaccessible to many Muslims and the Academy was inspired to bring something unique to the Muslim community. It aims to provide a space to celebrate Islamic Identity and support the harmonious connection between the Mind Body and Soul. The Academy offers female only instructors, private studio spaces and modest Ballet attire.

Grace & Poise Academy believe in contributing to the Islamic Arts and honouring the significance of Poetry in the Islamic heritage so have created a unique Graded Ballet to Poetry Syllabus for students to progress through from the age of 2 years. Through Ballet to Poetry children explore the connection between Movement and the Spoken Word as a means of communicating feeling, emotions and narrative. During classes, age appropriate poetry is explored; for the younger students poems can be adventures in the jungle or under the sea and as the student grows older deeper meanings which carry positive and empowering messages. 

The Academy believes everyone has a great potential within. "We care to educate and nurture the whole child to develop harmony between their Mind Body and Soul, so they can sail through life with Grace & Poise. We believe this is how we can make a fruitful impact on the world around us. It is essential that our youngsters have a safe space to grow and be proud successful individuals. Ballet is a beautiful art form that aids the child to develop cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically. Ballet teaches transferable skills, shapes a person for life and it allows them to progress to a higher level in all that they do".

For more info follow Grace & Poise Academy Instagram or visit there website

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  1. Munazza

    on 08 July, 2020 at 9:12 am

    Do u have classes in Leicester?
    Please do if you do not, my daughter loves ballet

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